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how to use light.

our goal.

The Monlux goal was simple, yet ambitious. Becoming world leader. So we set out to tailor electronics and lighting tech, through advanced constructions, into prerequisites to reach set targets. We built an analog dual turn-knob stepless temperature and light technology, with an integrated mixing chamber.
In this chamber cold and warm light enables colour temperatures from 2700 up to 5000K. We named this our “trueimage” technology.

our solution.

The lighting technical solution contains an indirect reflection that enables exceptional control over the light rays.
All of the light is then controlled by the reflector. The reflector shape has been carefully constructed in our own lighting laboratory to minimize glare and to maximize light comfort.

The Monlux mirror also sheds light sideways and inwards, to avoid any kind of shadow. The choice of diodes and the reflector play a central quality role in the Monlux product. We reached a fabulous CRI >94 and a colour tolerance at <2 SDCM.

For personal use, the suggested process is to start with max cold and honest light for touchup, then go towards max warmth for evening view, then slowly back to the perfect level of expected environment of the day. Control lighting strength with the other knob meanwhile, due to season or time of day.

Then voila. Perfect. World class.

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