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There is no such thing as compromise in the ambition to becoming the worlds finest product.
We have strived for premium materials in absolutely everything, and a construction to go with it. We have built a light lab and hired the most advanced brains for the project.

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"Not having adjustable light on your lighting is like having only one volume on your speaker"

You can twist and turn the Monlux furnitures and mirrors in any direction you wish. The Monlux product delivers light and reflection in every direction, yes also sideways, to shed light over even normally shaded areas. The adjustability allows you to go from the merciless brights for the preparation process, to the reality like shades of day or evening. Winter, spring, summer or fall.

experience the mirror.
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monlux story.

New York Fashion Week 2010, rows of runway beauties are given their last moment touchup.
One of the brand designers asks to buy the professional mirrors for private use, yet is met by ”sorry Sir but these are only for us professionals”.

Eight years later Monlux is born.

”On that day back in 2010 I silently decided to one day Robin Hood their product and take it to the market, only lightyears more functional and ten heavens more beautiful”.

And today, that day is here.

A team of world class engineers, designers and lighting scientists have put together a product at premium designer top level that has, from this date, taken the position as the worlds finest within the field of designer interior, reflection and light.

And yes, Monlux is today an available product, for both private estate and public spaces.

2022 we expand our product range with furnitures including adjustable LED light, so you can tune in and create the mood you are looking for in a second.

Tune in and turn on.


made from love.

Monlux is a masterpiece of interior that will add beauty to any environment, from your dream hotel room to your private walk-in-closet.
Or any imaginable place else for that matter.


experience our products.

Tune in. Turn on.