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electrical facts.

As mentioned earlier, the Monlux mirror has a tailored electrical system to give the user the perfect reflection. The Monlux mirror is a Class 1 electrical product. The mirror has a cloth covered power cable.

There is also an opening at the back of the mirror for invisible cable mounting (must be installed by certified electrician). The cable exits the mirror through a discreet and well designed opening.

The characteristic Monlux two analog knob controls are specially designed for Monlux and will give the user the optional 2700K-5000K colour temperature and a dimming function. The dimming knob is designed for flicker-free adjustment. There is also an integrated on-off switch to turn the mirror on and off. This is so that the user can return to perfect preset between uses.

The on-off-switch is always located on the right side of mirror. The reflectors, the diffusing and the interaction between the two and the LED-drivers are specially designed in the Monlux light lab.

It’s all boiled down to one thing, building the finest reflection imaginable.

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